Working with energetic and dedicated professionals is an incredible aspect of the team approach. Bringing your dreams to life through the design of a home is only a portion of the process, it continues well beyond the completion of construction.


Take this week for instance. We spent two days with an amazing photographer on two projects, a lakefront home, and a commercial project. We have collaborated with John W. Hession of Advanced Digital Photography many times, not only is he an amazing photographer, he mentors others in his field and is always open in sharing his knowledge of the art and science of photography.


We spent over a day staging and photographing a home on beautiful Lake Sunapee with the blessing of the homeowners while they were away for a few days. We hope to return for a few more photos later this summer and capture them and their family in the process of enjoying the view of Mount Sunapee with their feet in the sand and perhaps enjoying a bit of waterskiing in the cove.

Learning in the Big Apple

While watching Midtown’s loftier skyscrapers appear and disappear in the morning clouds, we discussed what a great trip this was. Learning with and from peers, presentations by industry specialists and squeezing in a Broadway Musical. We were even informed we honored 'typical NY style' by arriving with three minutes to spare before they closed the doors!

Architects and Landscape Architects are required by their respective licensing boards to complete continuing education on a yearly basis. The need for continuing education serves many purposes. Notably, it is a requirement to maintain licensure, but the core purpose is to ensure professionals stay current with industry advances, new materials, new building methods and innovations in technology to improve how we convey design. Also, regulations for safety, comfort and energy conservation and building codes continue to evolve.

Architecture touches projects ranging from home design to city planning, and continual learning benefits everyone by increasing value brought to a homeowner or community. We learn to build durable buildings, requiring less maintenance and lowering your upkeep costs. We discover advancements in technology to decrease energy consumption, reducing your utility bills. And we learn to design for comfort and health, creating healthy environments for your families. We continually strive to further our knowledge, so we bring the best value to the table for everyone.

Architect in NY

NH Wildflowers

As a Landscape Architect and admirer of the local New Hampshire Flora, early June is one of my favorite times of the year.  One of the most impressive native NH wildflowers starts blooming and never fails to catch my eye.  Small colonies of Lupines (Lupinus sp.) jut out along the sides of the road as you're driving through the countryside.  You’ll recognize them by their large spikes of purple to pink flowers and unmistakable compound leaves.

NH Landscape Designer.png

Here are some in bloom in a wildflower meadow we created for clients of ours in the Lakes Region.  As part of this landscape design, we reclaimed a significant portion of the lawn and re-vegetated much of the waterfront landscape with native NH plant species. Locally, a great place to see lupines for yourself is the traffic circle at the base of Mount Sunapee in Newbury.  The flowers usually stay in bloom for the entire month of June; get out and see them while you can.

Lake Winnipesaukee Area Home

Newfound Lake.jpg
NH Architect

From an architect's perspective, watching a home 'come to life' during construction is always rewarding. 

From a homeowner's perspective, feelings may range from apprehension to elation. A design firm understands not just building but spatial relationships, visualizing the home in three dimensions, albeit in our heads at times. However, many people are not able to easily understand two-dimensional drawings or making the leap to imagine the home and how it relates to the lakefront for example.

This is where technology, in concert with creativity, bring the homeowners vision to an accurate and understandable medium. 3-D renderings, such as above, are prepared long before construction begins; providing realistic images for discussion and refinement during the design process. During construction, renderings also provide easy reference for proposed changes.


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