We are excited to be a part of Vulgar Brewing's project, a commercial renovation soon to be open in Franklin, NH! Here is a photo of the "before" stage, as well as our firm's design rendering of what it will look like inside.

With the intent to keep as much as this historic brick structure as possible, designing the brew house within the cornerstone historic 1970’s Buell’s Block Building is exciting and rewarding.

With the goal of designing a modern English-style pub with park-side outdoor seating, this Texas brewer is joining the strong revitalization efforts in Franklin, aiming to bolster the community and celebrate its industrial history. The team is also working with Marty Parichand, the Executive Director of Mill City Park, an enthusiastic leader in the revitalization efforts.

Vulgar Brewing’s name is based on the Latin word vulgus, which means crowd or people. As co-owner and brewer Damon Lewis states, “We want to use the word to help bring a sense of community… something that belongs to the common people...”

Views of the brewing tanks from Main Street, as well as the park-side entrance and patio, will draw attention and increase community public life and engagement. The brewpub and brewery will feature a bar, indoor and outdoor seating, and a small restaurant kitchen to prepare simple foods to share over the brewery’s offering of craft beers.