As a Landscape Architect and admirer of the local New Hampshire Flora, early June is one of my favorite times of the year.  One of the most impressive native NH wildflowers starts blooming and never fails to catch my eye.  Small colonies of Lupines (Lupinus sp.) jut out along the sides of the road as you're driving through the countryside.  You’ll recognize them by their large spikes of purple to pink flowers and unmistakable compound leaves.


Here are some in bloom in a wildflower meadow we created for clients of ours in the Lakes Region.  As part of this landscape design, we reclaimed a significant portion of the lawn and re-vegetated much of the waterfront landscape with native NH plant species. Locally, a great place to see lupines for yourself is the traffic circle at the base of Mount Sunapee in Newbury.  The flowers usually stay in bloom for the entire month of June; get out and see them while you can.