A DRIVING FORCE BEHIND THE DESIGN OF THIS LANDSCAPE was complementing the brick and stone details of the home which itself took inspiration from historical lakefront buildings on Lake Sunapee.

 An entry court, constructed of oversized concrete pavers, nods to a much older cobblestone vernacular, agreeing with the characteristics of the home. A planted island of heritage river birches provides a focal point from the approaching roadway, front door, and the octagonal stair tower. A raised berm is planted with a mix of fir and maple trees along with lower shrubs to not only provide privacy but to improve the site's environmental qualities.

 Lakeside, terraces of smaller gathering areas provide intimate gathering spaces. A bluestone patio at the uppermost level, a brick terrace slightly sunk in front of the screen porch, and a level grassy area each fill a different function.

This site employs several best management practices to protect the water quality of Lake Sunapee. A permeable driveway reduces runoff by infiltrating stormwater through surface joints. Roof water, collected by gutters or drip edges, is directed to a rain garden where it settles and is absorbed by native plantings.