Praise from our wonderful clients is remarkable. It is our privilege to work with so many delightful couples and families from throughout New England and the country. Without their trust and vision, such beautiful homes could never have come to fruition. Thank you.

“As part of ongoing projects we have worked alongside Bonin Architects multiple times in past years. Each project has been consciously and thoughtfully designed by the talented Bonin team yielding the best possible finished product for our clients, all while fostering an amazing collaborative spirit between professional partners. We are thrilled to work with BAA and rest assured that we share the same level of commitment to our client, and to the process of creating unique spaces tailored to the end user's very specific needs. We highly recommend Jeremy, Kim and their team to assist you in your next project.”

- Amanda Raymond - Studio Sage Interiors - New London, NH

“They were so great to work with. They interpreted our desires for a new lake home beautifully and worked with our builder seamlessly. They are true partners in every step of the process. Jeremy Bonin and Chris Timberlake are both wonderful people. We are often told that ours is the prettiest house on the lake!.”

- Lorraine & Brien - Sunapee, NH

“Bonin Architects designed an extensive and complex transformation to our lakefront home, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. They were able to turn our beautiful older cottage into a warm, comfortable home, allowing expansive views of the lake from the spaces we use most often. From our initial meeting with Kim and Jeremy and throughout the entire project working closely with Christopher, the Bonin Architects team was there to guide us through the myriad of choices and decisions during the design and construction process. We would highly recommend their services to anyone seeking a full-service architectural firm.”

- Debbie - Sunapee, NH

“When we decided to build our dream house on a lake, we wanted to find an architect who could help us think about how to design a timeless house that was functional and beautiful. We also needed an architect who could work with a relatively small site that had some constraints. Bonin Architects surpassed all our expectations and created a home that truly exceeds our vision. They listened closely to what we wanted and responded with creative and thoughtful designs. In addition, they managed the project seamlessly. We would definitely use the firm again and highly recommend them.”

- Jill & David

“I have worked with several different architectural firms over the past 20 years, I can definitively say Bonin Architects & Associates was the best firm I have ever worked with. The #1 reason is their listening skills and ability to translate what they hear into creative ideas for their clients. My past experiences with architectural firms are they place their own likes into the design, thus creating conflict with the client. From the first meeting to the move in date, Bonin Architects & Associates was there for us all along the way, hitting every deadline and giving great advice. Extremely professional and their positive demeanor made the project very enjoyable. I would definitely build another house with them!”

- Rick - Newbury, NH

“We hired Bonin Architects to design and manage the construction of our home on Lake Sunapee, NH. What was important to us was to design a home that reflected our style but also functioned well for the family priorities most important to us. During the design stage, we were most impressed they spent much of their time listening rather than trying to convince us to adopt a preferred style. Not only did they work hard to incorporate our thoughts and desires but added many additional elements that added much to the architectural impact and functionality of the project. In addition, we were interested in adopting some local historical cues, which they enthusiastically researched and incorporated extremely well into the design.

As project manager, they were realistic and often stopped us for a reality check to assure we were on budget. The staff was efficient and consistent in answering questions and sending field reports. Their estimate of the cost and time frame were accurate allowing us to feel in control during the entire process.

The quality of the work met our high standards and, to our great relief, they took care of all local and state regulatory issues and paperwork. They also provided invaluable advice and options for builders. Unlike many other projects we have heard about, our builder had no major issues with his ability to construct what the Bonin’s designed.

We would not hesitate to use them again or recommending them highly to others.”

– Lisa & David

“We hired Bonin Architects to design our lake home, and it was a delight to work with them from start to the completion of the job. They are extremely professional and were eager to make sure that we were happy with all aspects of the design process. Even if we changed our minds about something in process, they were happy to go back to the drawing board and came up with many creative ideas. The house not only meets our needs at this point in our lives, it blends beautifully into the landscape. We also hired them for construction management, and they worked seamlessly with the builder to get the house done on time and on budget. We would recommend them without reservation!”

– Lake Sunapee, NH

“We waited many years to finally build our “Dream Home”, Bonin Architects made what we were dreaming a reality. Jeremy, Kim, Chris and the talented staff were always there to answer questions and come up with solutions to problems. It would have been difficult and stressful without them. This was a very large project with a lot of detail that would have been impossible without a talented team of professionals.

The reason our home turned out so well was the fact we were a team from the first meeting to the end. We feel fortunate to have had them as our design team and to also oversee the project through the final phase.”

– Ken and Diana - Stone Fence Farm, Salisbury, NH

“Bonin Architects made our project go as perfectly as we could have ever hoped for. It all started with Jeremy’s inherent design talent and focus on our ideas.  He asked the right questions, listened to our needs and goals and delivered a plan that accounted for every detail. His passion for his work is equaled by his knowledge of and expertise in current construction techniques and materials. When we read Jeremy’s book on timber frame homes we knew he was very good — but when we had the pleasure to work with him we realized he was exceptional. Then we met Kimberly. Not only were we getting a great architect but we had Kim as a project manager with a vast knowledge of bidding and building.  Building a home is intimidating, but when you have someone like Kim guiding you through the steps, the process really becomes truly enjoyable. We cannot thank this pair enough for their dedication to our project and recommend their outstanding services without hesitation to anyone who wants to build a home with outstanding partners.”

– Bob & Kelly - South Peak Resort, Lincoln, NH

“Bonin Architects helped our longtime dream come true! This dream was a year-round vacation home on a NH lake where family roots extend back to the 1920s. When a cottage built in 1940 came up for sale, we knew it was the right opportunity but found ourselves intimidated by the extensive renovations that would be needed. It was our lucky day and the beginning of realizing our dream when we called the Bonins. Jeremy had the vision to see what we were struggling to see. Best of all, he had an amazing ability to hear what we wanted. Sometimes it appears he heard things that were only thoughts in our minds. Working with their professional, responsive and very friendly staff, the plans came together beautifully with no detail overlooked. Their team also included a landscape architect who added an environmentally friendly landscape of native plantings that really enhanced the overall project. The construction process went smoothly overseen completely by Bonin’s construction management service. Because of the way everyone at Bonin Architects listened and understood what was important to us, this really feels like our dream home. If you are considering renovating an older home and if you are intimidated at the very thought of it, fear not! Call Bonin Architects and you will not be disappointed.”

– Ed & Mary

 “Blodgett’s Landing is one of those places where families visit and decide to stay. The same families through multiple generations have owned homes on ‘the landing’…everyone knows each other’s names and takes the time to stop and talk.  Building a new home in a place such as this carries a lot of responsibility. Responsibility to fit in with the historic architecture, deliver a home that suits today’s needs on a lot that was originally made for a tent and finally to create a home that will be enjoyed for multiple generations to gather and relax together.

Bonin Architects took the time to understand the place itself, the needs of our family today as well as what we expect it to be for the next 50 years.  They created a house that will be a home where we intend to create our most important memories and experiences.”

– Chasity & Pete

“My wife and I had pursued several options as we developed a plan for our home. In many cases, we were frustrated with the input we were receiving, so we began looking for an architect with a special eye for the type of features we were looking for in our home. We contacted Bonin Architects and were pleasantly surprised when they informed us that they were happy to assist in designing a home that accommodated our needs. We were frustrated because we had general design ideas but couldn’t put it all together and needed the creativity of an architect. Bonin Architects did a wonderful job in working with the best of our ideas. They assisted us with difficult site issues and we are now able to go forward with the construction of the home confident the home is filled with our ideas and their expertise.”

 – Bob - Fulton, IL

“We loved working with the Bonin team to design our dream house! What an amazing job of listening to our ideas and designing a vision for the overall house. They are invaluable in designing every nook, helping with hundreds of design decisions and keeping the project moving and completed on time. We highly recommend them!”

 – Jason and Heidi - Newbury, NH

 “We were definitely anxious walking into our first meeting. My wife and I had our dream home conceptualized with no way to crystallize it… until we met with Jeremy and Kim. We felt an immediate calm from their confidence and experience that grew into a wonderful trusting and very professional working relationship enabling our dream to become a reality. We are picky and demanding, and they are as well. They made this a really fun learning process; these two are a dream team!"

– Paul & Vicki - CT

“We hired Bonin Architects to design an extensive addition to our vacation home in New Hampshire. Everyone we worked with at Bonin Architects was extremely professional, personable and responsive. They did a wonderful job listening to our ideas and incorporating our visions as well as coming up with their own original enhancements to create our perfect vacation getaway. They were always prompt and stayed in the framework of our timeline. It was a big help to know they were overseeing the construction and making sure it all came together according to plan. Our home is truly a unique and special getaway for our family. The details of the design from the wraparound deck, the great room, and the beautiful architecture far exceeded our expectations and our own vision for our special retreat. We highly recommend Bonin Architects!"

 – Gretchen & Mike

“We wish to thank you for the superior services you have rendered throughout our project. You have been consummate professionals in design, construction administration, and client management. We are delighted to have engaged the services of a firm that commits as much or more attention to detail as we do. We are deeply appreciative that you are receptive and responsive to our needs, wishes, wants, and desires.”

– John and Jennifer - Candia, NH

“I still remember the day Gene and I drove up to New Hampshire and met with Kim and Jeremy to talk about our ‘wish list’ of features in the home we wanted to build and you both listened to every word. We were not easy clients. We had dreadful delays at the outset with our site preparation, but you remained patient and good-natured. You always answered e-mails within hours, and you usually beat your own deadlines for one step or another. You were up-front about costs, so we always knew what to expect. We’ve been blessed to have excellent contractors and suppliers, and blessed to have had your friendly but professional guidance.”

– Marilyn, NY

“Designing a custom home when you live 2500 miles away from the job site was no easy task. I don’t know how we would have done it without Kim. She provided great guidance and is a wealth of knowledge. We were always impressed with her project management skills and attention to detail. Most of all, when you called Kim she always got back to you right away. It was a pleasure working with her!”

 – Rich - Phoenix, Arizona

 “From the beginning, when we only had vague ideas about our home design, we were thankful for Kim. Because of her personal interest and expertise, we can say that our home surpasses our original expectations. She was insightful and always available to help with the multitude of decisions. Many, many thanks from us to you, Kim.”

– Arthur & Kathleen - NY

“When we first met Kim, we knew we had found someone who was dedicated and took pride in her work. Her meticulous record keeping and project management skills kept everything moving smoothly forward. She helped us find someone to start building the home on very short notice when our original plan fell through. Every issue was resolved in a timely manner. She even put up with impromptu visits to her office from us. We heartily recommend her."

– Nora & Chuck - VT

“I found myself asking just what it is about working with Jeremy that makes it so rewarding…he has a fun and talented staff and is clear and careful with budgets, but the joy is based in how well he listens. And I realized I tend to listen better when I am working with him. His subtle leadership wonderfully demonstrates his enthusiasm and professionalism by example. I recommend Jeremy with unmitigated pleasure.”

– R.L. Brungraber, Ph. D., P.E.

“Kim was with us from our first design meeting to the end, and then some. She walked us through every step of the home design process. Kim was easy to approach and responded promptly to each e-mail and phone call. Some days there were many! She was always patient throughout the entire process. We consider her our friend."

– Sherman & Julie - FL

 “While his credits and awards should speak volumes to his talents as an Architect, Jeremy is truly one of the ‘good ones’ with respect to his ability to work with clients and help their visions become realities. Jeremy’s background in commercial work is very valuable as he understands budgets, construction and has a passion for design.”

– Chris, The Murus Company