While watching Midtown’s loftier skyscrapers appear and disappear in the morning clouds, we discussed what a great trip this was. Learning with and from peers, presentations by industry specialists and squeezing in a Broadway Musical. We were even informed we honored 'typical NY style' by arriving with three minutes to spare before they closed the doors!

Architects and Landscape Architects are required by their respective licensing boards to complete continuing education on a yearly basis. The need for continuing education serves many purposes. Notably, it is a requirement to maintain licensure, but the core purpose is to ensure professionals stay current with industry advances, new materials, new building methods and innovations in technology to improve how we convey design. Also, regulations for safety, comfort and energy conservation and building codes continue to evolve.

Architecture touches projects ranging from home design to city planning, and continual learning benefits everyone by increasing value brought to a homeowner or community. We learn to build durable buildings, requiring less maintenance and lowering your upkeep costs. We discover advancements in technology to decrease energy consumption, reducing your utility bills. And we learn to design for comfort and health, creating healthy environments for your families. We continually strive to further our knowledge, so we bring the best value to the table for everyone.