Without livestock or vehicles, old barns and garages become the perfect shell in which to design a home. Potentially, repurposed materials may include; original siding, rustic hewn posts, timbers, and perhaps even wide plank floors. Repurposing structures is sustainable and can be cost-effective.

This project takes a bank barn and converts it into a stunning two-bedroom home. Fusing a traditional barn exterior and a modern interior, a new shed dormer and large glass expanses open to the south facing patio and bring light deep into the living spaces. The two-story glass wall highlights the simplicity of the stair while the stair design allows light to filter through into the living spaces.

The home is very open and utilizes every square foot. The main floor is entirely open, with a single room for the ¾ bath and laundry. The second floor contains two bedrooms with ample storage and a shared ¾ bath. The home is rounded out by the two-car garage below and ample mudroom for year-round storage.

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